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Do you hit your sales target every month?


Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You want a sales career that will create more income and freedom for you, but you’re not sure how to make that happen.
  • You have some idea about how to sell, and you may have had some success at finding prospects and closing sales, but not consistently.
  • You may have some “sales training”, but it’s been very limited and you don’t have anyone to turn to ask for help.
  • You have read every sales book and listen to every sales podcast, hoping to pick up anything that can help you — but what do you do with all of that information?

If this sounds like you - you're in the right place!

Imagine consistently reaching your monthly sales target

Imagine having more control over your day

Imagine feeling more confident in your abilities

This is what the 5-Figure Paycheck Program will help you accomplish, one simple step at a time.

Pillar One: Plan your time

If you are not succeeding in reaching your sales targets every month, it’s likely that you have a problem managing your time and focusing on what makes you money.  The key is to create a strong system so that you will have the time you need to be successful and get off of the sales rollercoaster!

Pillar Two: Set achievable goals

How do you know if you have reached your sales targets if you haven’t set any? When you have set your goals and understand your personal sales metrics, you will know what to do to improve to increase your sales and grow your business quickly.

Pillar Three: Focus your messaging

Do you know the right thing to say?  What if you knew exactly how (and when) to use all the “stuff” you learned from those books you’ve been reading? When you use the proper messaging throughout your sales process and presentations, it’s easy and natural to ask for a sale.

Pillar Four: Understand why people buy

Do you create a feeling of trust and comfort with your prospects and clients?  Everyone will respond differently to you.  Knowing the right questions to ask, and when to ask them, will help you better understand your prospect’s buying motivation and what will guide them to buy with you.

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