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Why Salespeople Don’t Ask For The Sale.

When you are coming to the end of your sales presentation, do you remember to ask for the sale? Do you tell your prospects what the next step is to work with you? I know it sounds simple, but is an important step that many of us miss, or even intentionally avoid. You may be a reluctant salesperson.

In the early days of my sales career, when I was so intent on giving that perfect presentation that I often lost track of how my customer was feeling. I hear this from customers all the time. And I quote this directly from a conversation with a prospect. “He or she (the salesperson) was so intent on their presentation, that they didn’t even ask what was Important to me (the customer). So after 30 minutes of us listening to them, (the salesperson), I had to go, and I didn’t do anything.” 

This is a real conversation, people. And unfortunately, I’ve heard it from more than one prospect! At which point, I get to work. Giving them what they want, and making the sale!

Why Salespeople Don't Ask For The Sale
Why Salespeople Don’t Ask For The Sale

While your presentation is very important, it’s more important to listen to your customer. If they tell me when we first start that they only have 30 minutes, I am going to quickly determine if I can help them in 30 minutes, and get them on their way. Maybe I need to reschedule at a time where I can better serve them, if what they want requires more than 30 minutes. 

It’s a tough decision, yes. But our job is to make difficult decisions and help the customers. Possibly spend a few minutes, listen to them. Tell them the next step, share about how long it will take, and set another appointment. 

There are many reasons we don’t ask for the sale

or let the customer know the next step, other than just not paying attention to the customers needs. 

Another reason could be…

Fear. Are you afraid of rejection?

Of the prospect saying no? If you are afraid of rejection, the easiest way to avoid that is – just don’t ask for the sale! And don’t be surprised when you don’t get the sale. 

I ask three times, because sometimes people will tell you the real reason they are not buying after the third time. And sometimes that reason is just that they didn’t understand something – like the fact that you have a payment plan for that thing they cannot afford to pay all at once. 

Did you know you could overcome an objection just by asking for the sale?

Again, it sounds so easy, but it’s true.

Before you sell to your prospects, you have to sell yourself.

Some salespeople don’t ask for the sale because they don’t believe in what they are selling. I remember one sales position I had where it took me three months to understand and believe in what I was selling. After the switch got flipped, I became very successful, but it took a while. 

Maybe you don’t understand the product or its benefits to the people and prospects you’re speaking with. Or perhaps you don’t understand why your product might be a higher price than what your competitors’ offer. You have to believe in what you’re selling.

Sometimes sales people are not sure the right time to ask for a sale

or they are afraid that they might make a mistake. They wait until the time they think is just right, for example, at the end of their presentation. Again, they are so focused on that presentation that they missed the buying signals from the customers 30 minutes earlier! 

If the buyer literally asks you, “What’s the next step?”, 5 minutes into your presentation, stop and show them the next step! Sometimes sales people put off asking for so long that they just give up on ever asking at all.

Are You a Reluctant Salesperson?
Are You a Reluctant Salesperson?

Reviewing each sales call and presentation afterwards.

Analyze what you did right and what you could have done better.

Don’t be embarrassed – we’ve all been there.  That’s how you learn. 

I still do this. There are times I still want to kick myself for missing a signal or not taking the next step.  It’s OK.

I’ve had some fun putting this article together because I recognize myself in so many of these reluctant sales tendencies.

In a perfect world, after my perfect presentation, my ideal customer would tell me what they want and hand me their credit card. However, in the real world, I have to spend a lot of time with the prospect, finding out what their needs are, finding the best possible solution, and asking for the sale. 

In the beginning, I just had to get out of my own head, overcome the reluctance – the fear of rejection, the fear of saying the wrong thing, and even the fear of cancellations.  Take a deep breath and spit the question.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Because if you never ask, no one will ever buy.  

I remember what it was like, and it was hard. I also remember how I felt when I got over my fear, and closed the sale, and provided an amazing solution for my prospect, and got not only the payment, but a hug. 

Because they were so grateful that I took the time to understand their needs and provided the best solution possible to help solve their problem. 

If you recognize yourself in any of these reluctant salesperson tendencies, please leave a comment and let me know. Or head over to the contact me page and send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

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