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Why a “Human Touch” is Still Matters in Sales in 2022

Why a "Human Touch" is Still So Important in Sales in 2022

Something that I see a lot when working with women that sell is that we look at sales and selling as manipulation. 

I’ve been in many sales conversations where I walked out feeling as if I needed a shower, … and many of those times those clients canceled their orders.  If you are anything like me, you are a little less pushy. You take the time to learn about the client and what they want or need, and your role is just to guide them to make a decision and show them how to get what they want.

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that what you offer will make someone’s life better, easier, happier, or in some way improve their life?  If so, you are doing a disservice by not sharing your products or services with your prospects and giving them the chance to allow you to help them.

Selling doesn’t have to be icky …

It’s about uncovering the result your prospect is trying to achieve, sharing a couple of options with them that would help them reach the outcome they desire, and showing them how to start on that path today so that they can get what they want as quickly as possible.  You are offering people and companies solutions to their problems and a way to fix it and make it better.  

We are all living in a world where everyone is OVER the pandemic.  You, your prospects, and your company.  So if you haven’t already, you will soon see your company expecting more of you and requiring more of you, including raising their prices and possibly your quota.  You may have already seen signs or heard rumors of this “gearing up” for more sales and profitability.

And your prospects in a B2B world are feeling the same pressure within their own companies.  To get moving on the things that may have been put on hold – things that will make their companies more noticeable and profitable.

Knowing this, it’s a great time to be in sales.  It’s like Erin Jackson being at the starting gate of the 1000 meter race, waiting to take off.  The anticipation of winning … all the practice and planning.

That’s where we as salespeople are now.  Jockeying for position to win the gold.

And yes, there’s some tough competition out there.  So how badly do you want it?

Why do you want it?  We all have different reasons … so do a check in with yourself – where can you make the biggest impact? Help the most people?  

Being in sales is an honest and integral part of any business. 

We are the revenue generators of a company that allow companies to fund other parts of their business.  It’s a very valuable and important roll. So step outside of your comfort zone and realize the possibilities and opportunities  available to you for personal growth in your company and your field.

The key to success is controlling your own agenda and direction, every day.  If what you are doing today is not bringing you the results you want, change your direction.  Take a look at where you are spending your time.  What are you doing now that brings you the best results and do more of that.

While you can increase the number of conversations and demos, show your customers and prospects how they can get the most out of your product or service.  Explain to your prospect all the people on your team that are involved in making their experience with you and your company successful.  This allows you to do your job, and lets your prospect know that they will be interacting with other team members once you help them.

And even if you are using A I to generate leads and walk them through a process, 76% of B2B buyers still find it helpful to speak to someone directly, either in person or on the phone. 

Please don’t overlook that personal touch that so many buyers and consumers are not getting.  Balance your company’s digital communications with your human touch. 

Much of that “personal touch” has been removed in 2022, yet many of our prospects still crave that human interaction. 

You are the “face” of your company.  And how you interact with a prospect will either give them the confidence to choose you, or not. 

And it’s much easier for someone to ignore you when they don’t see you as an individual. 

Let them know BEFORE your meeting that you, personally, have some important information to share with them, and why this information is important for them to hear so that they are excited to meet with you.

By the time you actually meet many of your prospects, they have already checked out your company’s products and services,

and they are just looking to YOU to confirm that purchasing from your company is the right decision.  They have probably checked out your competition, too.  And are looking for you to prove to them WHY choosing your company over your competitor is the best decision for them.

In many cases, your prospects are already educated. 

Ask questions to find out what they know, what they don’t know, what they think they know, AND what they need to unlearn – based either on false information or a misconception about something they have heard or read. 

Because our prospects ARE so educated and have solidly formed perceptions and opinions before we even have a chance to personally speak with them, it is important to have that personal interaction with them as soon as possible in the opinion-forming phase.

We touched on having confidence in what you sell.  Believing that what you offer makes a difference is super important. 

Your goal with your offer is to get your prospect to the same level of enthusiasm that you have.

That’s impossible for AI alone, so give your prospects some human touch before you meet them.

Your prospect will pick up on your body language, facial expressions, AND your words.  You can go way back and listen to episode 19 about Body Language.  It will help you not only understand what your prospect might be thinking, but also show you the hidden signals you may be giving your prospect.

Lastly, while no company is perfect, you need to believe that what you are showing your prospect is the best decision to help them meet their needs.  

Every company I know is having supply chain issues.  Remember that when you have your sales conversations and demos.  Because no one is immune – not your company or your competitors.  So focus your energy, and your words, on what you can control. 

Instead of telling your prospect what you can’t do, let them know what you can do.  

3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

These are three strategies that I use and my 5-Figure Paycheck Sales Membership clients use to not just meet but to exceed our sales goals.

Maybe you are feeling stuck at a certain income level, or even going backwards since the year has started.  I get you.  Our businesses are expecting more from us and it can be stressful and overwhelming.  So today I hope this gets you unstuck and moving forward so you can exceed your sales goal.

Or maybe you had a pretty good 2021 and you’re ready to take your sales even higher in 2022, this is definitely for you.

And for those of you who rocked 2021 and you’re looking for what’s next, this is an opportunity for you to think about these strategies from the perspective of your next revenue level, whatever that is.

So if you’ve been an 80,000 and you want to get to 100,000, I hope you take these strategies and think about how they can work for you to get there quickly.

Are you excited?  This sounds so simple.  But one thing I think we do as saleswomen is to overcomplicate things, and sales doesn’t need to be complicated!  So let’s find the power of the simplicity of these three strategies to help you exceed your sales goal.

Strategy #1Get crystal clear on what you want, and break your goals down so that you know exactly how many new clients you need to reach your goal.

It sounds so simple but I find that so many of us miss this point, and it’s something we go over in Phase 2 of the 5-Figure Paycheck Membership.  

Breaking your large goals down into ridiculously small steps, and creating your perfect sales plan. 

What this does is it makes you look at all of the pieces for what’s important for your growth.

My members have told me how this one step has given them so much clarity in how to break their goals down into the smallest, easily achievable denominators and given them direction in what to do immediately to change their direction, and their mindset, of what is possible for them.

Some of the exercises we do in the membership are painful, because they force you to see what you’re doing now that isn’t working, or could work better.  But through this “pain” and stepping out of your comfort zone comes growth.  And they see there is an easier way to get there than they thought.

So getting crystal clear on what you want is your first strategy …

Because if you don’t know what you want, how can you know how to get there?  You need a plan, or a roadmap.

Strategy #2  Write it down. 

There is so much power in the written word.  In fact, according to an INC article by Peter Economy, there was a Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, who conducted a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  Writing your goals down not only forces you to get clear on what, exactly, it is that you want to accomplish, but doing so plays a part in motivating you to complete the tasks necessary for your success. I’ll leave a link to that article in the show notes.

Strategy #3  Ask yourself what you believe about what you’ve written down.

It’s easy to write it down, but … as you work through the steps, the doubt starts to creep in.  The doubt can be triggered by anything – something you see on TV, something you read about the economy and what is going on in the world.  Or maybe even a who – a friend or coworker that you share your goals with, and they bring in their doubts about increasing your sales in a crazy economy no matter what you do.  

And you start to get back into your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts about scarcity and is it possible for you, and you go back to your old ways that weren’t working.  Why?  Because even though they weren’t working well, they are comfortable and easy.

But when you believe what you’ve written down, and you’ve written down why you believe it, when that doubt creeps in, and trust me, it will, you can go back to what you’ve written down and why you know it will work for you, and you choose to keep believing in your new reality, you will be able to push that doubt out of your head and keep moving forward and exceed your sales goal.

Or as Peter Economy writes, quoting Grant Cardone, if you want to start “stretching yourself beyond good and mediocre and average and the way everybody else thinks,” then project into your future. Just make sure you grab a pen first.

“stretching yourself beyond good and mediocre and average and the way everybody else thinks”

-Grant Cardone

So once you’ve done this work, and written it down, make a decision and a commitment to yourself that you are all in and you’re not going to stop until you exceed your sales goal.

Yes, things will happen that will make you want to go back to your old ways – doubt and fear will creep in, if you allow it in.  Create your own bubble about exactly what you want your new life to look like, and don’t let anything stop you.

How Salespeople Can Easily Sell New Price Increases With Confidence

How salespeople can confidently selling new price increases.

Whether you’ve been in sales for 3 months or 30 years, selling new price increases from your company is something we all go through.  And 2022 is seeing price increases like never before!

What do you do when your company announces a significant price increase? 

This happened to me this week, and I know it’s happening to a lot of you, because you tell me it is!  If it hasn’t happened in your company yet, don’t worry.  It’s coming.

My first thought was – this is crazy.  How am I ever going to sell this price increase?  But letting myself get carried away with the thought that I will lose customers was not serving me.

The best news?  It’s actually not that complicated to work through this.  Let me share with you what I did to overcome the fear of selling new price increases.

First, don’t freak out and think the world (or your success) is coming to an end.

Sometimes you may know about the price increase in advance, and you have some time to prepare your clients, …  … and sometimes you don’t.

For some reason, I really struggled with it this week, and I’ve been in sales a long time.  I also struggled with what I sell and the prices I charged when I first started.  That time it took me 6 months to figure it out and get behind the product.  I don’t have 6 months …  

Luckily, I remembered that experience, and I began to think about how I solved that problem.  It was completely my mindset.  Charging people a lot of money for something I wasn’t even sure if I believed in or not.

One thing already learned that I have going for me is I DO believe in what I am offering.  Whole-heartedly.  In my head I also know a price increase is only as big of a deal as you make it.  Leave your personal feelings and emotions out of it.  I KNEW this. Step 1 done.

Has your rent gone up lately?  How about how much you spend on gas each week?  Have you been spending more money on food?   EVERYONE is facing the same situations you are, so it should not really come as a surprise that your company is raising their pricing as well.  I just had to decide that my services are just as valuable as food or gas.

Step 2 – Even though I don’t own the company, I did need to justify the price increase in my head so that I could confidently sell the price increase in my prospects and clients. 

This is where asking my sales manager for help came in.

While I don’t ask for help a whole lot, this is one of those times that I knew I needed some coaching, and quickly.  So I went to him and said, “I am really struggling with how to sell these new price increases to prospects and clients and I would like some coaching, please!” (Because even coaches need coaches and feedback, right?)

A few episodes back, in episode 157, Confidence and Credibility in Sales, I told you how I am not shy when it comes to asking questions.  Usually there are others with the same question.

So the sales team had a brain share…  How we felt about the price increase, because even though we couldn’t change it, we needed to release it so we could move on.  Next we went over the price increase – yes, it’s significant.  But were they adding in any additional value for the customer?  Yes, they are.  And no surprise here.  It is totally in alignment with the future direction the company wants to move in.  And because it is a company I believe in, I have to remember that the profitability of the company is what allows me to continue to work for them, and is an inherent part of my own financial success.  Like it or not, it’s true.

How exactly are we presenting as a team, because it is important to have the entire sales team understand all the features and benefits, and how to present them.  Then we shared different ways we were already presenting our products to our services.  And I don’t care how long you’ve been in sales, it’s always great to get a new idea that is working for someone else.  Step 2 completed.

Step 3 -Selling new price increases in sales conversations and demos.

I need to be able to look a prospect in the eye and give them my recommendations based on what they tell me.  And I need to do it with confidence.  When you are discussing a new price increase in a B2B or B2C situation, it is never a comfortable conversation.  Knowing WHY your customer is buying from you, identifying the importance of their why so you can logically reinforce these points, and showing them how your current pricing is the only way your company  can maintain the level of quality and service the customer expects.

Because I was able to quickly identify my own insecurity about selling new price increases, and clearly present the situation, without being too dramatic, I was able to get back into my happy place in a day or two, and continue on to finish out the month successfully.

Having the experience of not only going through this before, but remembering the struggle when I first started, allowed me to recognize how it felt when I was struggling in the beginning, compare it to the success I have had, and know that I want to continue on having that success in the future!  I love helping my customers AND I love being successful.  This week also reminded me about my why.  You can go back and listen to episode 95 if you’ve forgotten your why and need a reminder.

So it looks like today has turned into 3-step strategy for how to confidently sell new prices increases…

Step 1: Decide that you do believe that what you are offering your clients will truly have a positive impact or outcome in their lives.

Step 2: Ask for help. 

Instead of just complaining about it, do something about it.  I love that we had a team meeting where we could learn exactly what the price increase meant AND share how we planned on moving past it.  You don’t have to be a one-woman show.

Step 3 Practice before you present. 

Ask a team member to role play with you, so that when you are actually with a prospect, you already know what to say and how to overcome any objections.  Be prepared to empathize with the prospect or client, but stand your ground and remain firm with what you are saying.  Because if the prospect or client can sense any hesitancy on your part, they will most likely start to ask about discounts that you may not be able to offer!

Simple, right?  Address the problem instead of letting it fester, break down what you need to do to work through your feelings and move on, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Here’s why Salespeople Really Hate Using CRM Software

Why Salespeople Hate Using CRM software

Is using my company’s CRM software really to help me, or does it just help my sales manager to keep track of me?  I found this infographic from Accent Technologies, Reasons Why Sales Reps Hate CRM

First I’ll share the reasons and then I’ll go back and talk about each reason. 

The number 1 reason sales reps hate CRM software is that it’s time consuming.  The average time spent entering notes from a sales call is 7.5 minutes.  

The number 2 reason sales reps hate CRM software is that it’s frustrating and hard to use.

The third reason sales reps hate CRM software is they say it’s passive and it doesn’t significantly impact sales revenue.

Another reason sales reps hate CRM software is it’s designed for sales management, with 55.8% of sales managers being measured on how well their team adopts CRM.

OK, that gives us enough to work with.  But I agree, a CRM or customer relationship management software is time consuming, it can be hard to use, and sales managers do watch you and how you use it.

But, even though it may be designed for sales management, when I was given a CRM tool to use, instead of just keeping track of my leads on a spreadsheet, my sales increased about 25%.   Why, because I knew who to follow up with, when to follow up with them, and I didn’t “lose” sales leads like I did before I had a CRM.

It is all about the information you enter, including entering notes, quickly, about your meetings, and setting that follow up date so you remember to follow up.

I had to change my mindset from how does the company use this to track me to how can I use this to track my clients? 

Make it about you, not your company.  I find the better the notes I put in, the faster I can pull up information when I speak to the client again.  With the click of a button, I can hop on a call and know exactly what we spoke about, access any quotes I may have given them, know private info about them that they shared with me, such as where they went to school, what they like to do for fun, or even their dog’s name.  How’s that for personal?

I can also see the last time I spoke with them, texted them, or emailed them AND if they opened their emails up and how many times.

So overall, I can see so much value in a CRM for me – because that’s what it’s all about when I am working with a prospect.  How can I better help them and close the sale faster?

It’s kind of like being on Linked In, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.  They are watching your every click to see how long you spend on the platform, what you are watching or engaging with, even what you purchase.  But does that stop us from using these platforms?  Probably not – because we see a value in using them above the information we are giving them with every click.

Is my using a CRM software important to my sales manager?

  I really don’t care, because I know my sales results have increased significantly with the information available to me.

Is a CRM software hard to use? 

Sometimes the information I want is not easy to pull up, but if you enter your information correctly, you will be amazed at what you can access.  For example, if you type “interested in Product A” in the notes area, and one day you are having a promo for Product A, go back and type Product A in the search and all your prospects interested in Product A will populate.  Instant prospecting list.  

Create an email template for Product A, and you can quickly email all those prospects, or call them or both.  I can’t think of an easier way to keep track of this stuff.

But the information you get out of your CRM is only as good as the information you put in. 

In my opinion, it’s worth your time to sit down with someone who understands your CRM to let them show you how to maximize the impact for your own sales.

Another thing I really like about using my CRM is that it helps me when I am prospecting. 

There’s the list of follow-up calls that I create after each meeting or phone call, so I know exactly who to call and when, but there’s also a sales forecast for this month, and next month.  Have you ever looked at yours?  When I am trying to figure out who I can call to set up a meeting with, and I feel like I have exhausted every avenue, I look here.  Is it always accurate?  No, because the information I put in may not always be accurate, or I get frustrated with cleaning my leads up, but sometimes there may be a prospect that I overlooked.  Or I look at next month’s list to see if there is someone in there I can work to move them closer to a sale – this month.

Perspective – it’s up to you. How do you choose to look at this thing called a CRM?  I can tell you it’s here to stay.  Whether it’s a way for management to “spy” on us, or a tool you choose to use to increase your sales. 

As the late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales and Focused During The Holidays

3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales and Focused During The Holidays

Are you finding it harder than ever this year to stay motivated in sales and focused on working. Or is it just me?  It seems harder to reach people, reach people on the phone, or get return phone calls or texts, too.  Why is this?

After a year of not spending the holidays and special times with my family and friends, this year I am enjoying holiday parties, holiday plays, and holiday planning in general.  There are more people on my nice list to buy presents for, including more angel tree wishes.  If you don’t know what an Angel Tree is, you adopt an angel, a child or even a family who might not have much of a Christmas if it weren’t for you “adopting” them for the holiday and providing them with gifts.  If that’s something you think you’d like to do, check your local Salvation Army for more information about how to participate.

Now, I haven’t forgotten about you. 

In fact, I am calling December my Listener Appreciation Month, because we are so close to hitting 40,000 downloads and my Rocketbook Panda Giveaway.  I have been using my Rocketbook Planner every day for almost 2 months now, and I know the lucky winner will love this as much as I do!

And starting today, December 14th, I have a one-of-a-kind present for you. Actually for those of you who are really committed to increasing your sales in 2022.  I am committed to helping you increase your sales, and you’ll have me in your corner for 6 months.  6 months of full access to my proven 4-step 5-Figure Paycheck Sales program and members area with personalized coaching.

Yes, I am even including in 4 private coaching sessions as a bonus for signing up, so we can create a growth plan just for you!

The fun part is, I am going to let YOU decide what to pay for the 6 months!  This is your chance to get my 5-Figure Paycheck Sales membership at a price you want to pay!  Now that doesn’t mean I will be accepting every low-ball offer.  All offers will be considered, but some might be rejected.  

To learn more and put in your bid, go to www.5figurepaycheck.com/nameyourprice.  All offers need to be in by December 29th to be considered.  If your offer is accepted, I will give you a customized checkout link, so you can start off 2022 with an attitude of success and a plan to back it up.

As you can see, I am in kind of a crazy, giving place this year.  When they were younger, my kids would ask if I was drunk when I got into this kind of mood. (No, I wasn’t!).  When I get really happy, I get a little giddy and it can be hard to tell the difference.  Even with all the scary things that are still happening every day, I am choosing to be happy this year. And I hope that you are able to find the mindset to do the same, no matter what position your situation finds you.

Back to how to overcome the difficulties of staying motivated in sales …

… and of reaching prospects and clients this month – keep trying. 

And try in unique ways –

∙ a holiday card with a handwritten address (who doesn’t like to get a personalized card?), 

∙ a text wishing your prospect or client a happy holiday,

∙ a reminder to that prospect you met with last month reminding them how important they told you it was to make a decision by the end of the year,

∙ or even a drop-in (if they are local) with a small box of chocolates.

Because everything seems to be slowing down, you have time to be more focused and intentional,

instead of just rushing from one meeting to another.  Hopefully your attentions will turn into results in December, but it may just be setting you up for January.  Don’t get discouraged. Just keep pushing forward.  You may just be one big sale away from reaching your quota.

I am also taking this time to follow up with customers this year,

to make sure that I did everything I promised them. To clean up all the loose ends, if you will, so that I can go into 2022 without having to do that work.

And I keep on reminding myself that I am only half-way through the month.  The problem that many salespeople face in staying motivated at this time of year is that we let our self-discipline slip.  This happens because during the holidays, we are not living our usual routine.  We are focused on our own plans and holiday celebrations. We spend more time chatting with the other people in our office, and we are more easily distracted.

So, what can you do? 

First, decide when your most productive time of day is.

Mine is between 10am and noon. 

Second, decide on the most important tasks you need to complete –

– prospecting and follow up are mine, this month.

And third, schedule time for those activities during your most productive time …

… and stick to them. 

For example, I have committed to some type of prospecting every day between 10 and 11, and follow up between 11 and 12. 

Unless I have a set appointment.  And in my less productive time in the afternoon, I have that list of stuff I need to do that doesn’t take as much focus. It just needs to get done.  I do the tasks that require more focus and energy done in the morning, when I have more focus and energy.  

When is your most productive time of day? 

In my world, it seems like by 2:30, my friends and family are also shutting down. That’s when the texts and phone calls start, and I get distracted once again with holiday plans … and online shopping.  I feel guilty even admitting that, but it’s true. And I know that by recognizing and admitting to my weaknesses, I can also find that “work-around” and schedule in the time for the money hours. Even if it’s less time than I would spend on a “normal” day.  

Take that quieter time of day and brush up on your sales skills …

… read some of that book that you’ve been putting off.  At least you are doing something motivating and productive, right?

I’ve been doing research and planning out a couple of new sales training ideas I plan to release in the first quarter of next year.  I’m always curious and learning. Because I find that when I put these things together for you, it also helps me to increase my own sales.  Keeping up with current trends in sales and how prospects and customers think is not only fascinating, to me, but necessary to increasing my own skills and techniques every year.  There is always something I can do to improve and also make my client experience even better.

Thanks for being here with me today, and make sure to follow and tag me over on Instagram @salesmadesimplepodcast.  Tell me your ahas and takeaways from this episode, and share this episode with a friend to help them in their sales journey.

Until next week, I wish you alignment and success.

Planning Your 2022 Sales Strategy

Planning Your Sales Strategy
How to set up your sales strategy and plan for success in 2022

When planning your sales strategy for 2022, it’s important to look back at 2021 to see how much you did accomplished this year!

This is something I like to do to finish out the year.  Take a look at my analytics to see what I did that worked, and what didn’t. As I begin to put together my plan for 2022 I look at what I can focus on to become even better.

So far I’ve published 56 episodes of the Sales Made Simple podcast.  That’s more than one a week!

I started the daily motivational podcast, The No Fluff Sales Minute.  I love podcasting. And knowing that I can reach so many people each day and week to help you make more money.

The 5-Figure Paycheck Sales Membership started up in April!  Digitally creating the Membership, and videos and sales trainings and the monthly coaching, instead of coaching face-to-face took some time.  But there are members who have been with me since the beginning, and newer members.  I appreciate them for helping me prove that this program will work, whether we are together in the same room or in different parts of the world!

I’ve also been more consistent with my blog, and now my YouTube Channel where you can see the live version of each week’s podcast episode.

For all of these things, it was a matter of planning my content, and my time in a way that allows me to get everything done without completely taking over my life.

And, the podcast is quickly approaching 40,000 downloads.  To say thank you, I will be giving away a Rocketbook Panda Planner. No more spending tons of money on yearly planners or wasting paper to take notes. You can fill in your daily, monthly and yearly calendar. Save it to your cloud for future reference, and magically wipe it clean with a damp cloth to reuse it again and again.  There are even pages for goal setting and journaling.

I am not a paid advertiser for the Rocketbook Panda Planner.  Someone shared it with me about a month ago, and I’ve been using it every day, and I want to share it with you!.  You can now enter to win yours, and when we reach 40,000 downloads by the end of the year, I will be doing a random drawing from names of the people that enter, and sending one out to you the first week in January, so that you can organize and focus your sales strategy to win 2022!

To enter, go to www.salesmadesimplepodcast.com.  Take a screenshot of your entry, share it in your Instagram stories and tag me @salesmadesimplepodcast. Every time you share it and tag me, you will get an additional entry and chance to win!

Last week I binge-watched an HGTV 6-episode series Home Town Takeover. Where Ben and Erin Napier take 4 months, and a lot of help from other HGTV home renovation people, and help to give new life to a small town, Wetumpka, Alabama.  Yes, this has been out for a while, but it seems that I take Thanksgiving weekend to catch up and binge watch all the TV I’ve missed during the year.

So, how does this relate to your 2022 sales strategy?  

Other than just making me feel good, it made me start to think about how just one small thing that you do in your own sales strategy can make a big difference in your outcomes and results.

Spoiler alert, I’m going to share one of my favorite episodes here.  It’s the one where everyone on the main street paints their own door.  Not so that they all looked alike, but so that they all looked fresh and clean and gave each individual home a new personality and curb appeal!  

What can you do to give your sales business new “curb appeal”? 

When you’re in sales, even if you are working for a large corporation, it’s still YOUR business.  What you bring to the table that is unique and different from what other salespeople bring.  Why someone would want to work with YOU over your competition?

Maybe it’s a unique approach to the sale. How you greet and meet your prospects. How you initially reach out to prospects to create an interest and bond.  Or a special way that you follow-up with your prospects that makes them thank you for remembering them!  Has that ever happened to you?

I like to ask this question to the people I coach in the 5-Figure Paycheck Membership Program … 

What is one thing can you do today, this week, this quarter that will make the biggest difference in your sales?

First, think about your top objective, or your goal for 2022.  

What’s the biggest thing you want to accomplish next year?  Do you want to increase your sales by 20%?  50%?  Do you want more recognition from your management team so you can move up the corporate ladder?  Or maybe you just want more “you” time, while continuing to sell like a rockstar?

Choose your top objective 

And start to work through the steps that you need to accomplish this, always keeping the end in mind.  Now look at the steps you wrote down. Taking more time to brush up on your sales skills. Holding yourself more accountable to doing the things you know you need to do. Closing that elusive big account that you know will make people pay attention. Or removing the clutter from your daily and weekly schedule so that you can focus on the things that will make you money and free up your time.

As you read through your 2022 sales strategy steps, which ones do you find create the most resistance for you?  

You know, the ones that give you that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach that you get by just reading them?

Do you need to spend more time prospecting? get some outside help from a coach or program that you’ve hesitated opening your wallet for?  Does analyzing your results and planning for the future give you butterflies?

This feeling is showing you where you have the most resistance to moving forward in your sales journey.  Once you do the internal work and learn where your resistance is, you can now work on overcoming that resistance.

For me, it was having more time to do the things I wanted to do this year.  And it meant setting more boundaries and learning how to manage my time.  Setting those new boundaries gave me that sick feeling.  What if I don’t call that prospect or client back or return their email at 10 pm?  Will I lose them?  What if I choose to leave my office at 5 pm instead of staying until 6 or 7?  How will I ever get everything done, and still serve my clients and make money?

That nagging voice inside my head that always tells me I’m not doing enough, or I’m not good enough.  That’s where analyzing my results shows me with real facts that what I am doing is working, and I am good enough.

So I’ll ask you again,

What is the one thing you can do or change moving into 2022 that will help you reach the objective you desire?  

Take that inner critic voice and that place of most resistance and kick it to the curb.

The biggest challenges I see when working with my members is taking back control of your day to focus on what will give you the biggest results, and stepping out of your comfort zone to show yourself that you are enough and that you deserve the life you desire.

One small tweak or change can give a small town the confidence it needs to see the possibilities in their community. And one small tweak or change can give you the confidence you need to achieve what you want in 2022.

Thanks for being here with me today, and make sure to follow and tag me over on Instagram @salesmadesimplepodcast.  Tell me your aha moments and takeaways from this episode, or share with me your biggest objective for 2022, and share this episode with a friend to help them in their sales journey.

How to Write An Elevator Pitch for Sales Professionals in 4 Easy Steps

Today we are going to talk about something I haven’t done in a while, but it’s probably time to update yours.  It’s something we tend to forget about, but as your sales skills and sales grow and you become more confident in your abilities, this is something you should update.

Can you guess what it is?  

How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Sales Professionals

Writing your 30-second introduction, or your elevator speech.  

When you meet someone for the first time, and you have the opportunity to briefly and quickly explain what you do, it’s easy to think that you should be explaining your value.  

But, the person you are speaking with, whether in-person or on the telephone, really doesn’t care about you.  What they do care about is how you might be able to help them to solve their problem.

Think of it as a qualifying conversation.  If you are tuned in to your buyer’s persona, you can design your introduction so that it entices the person you are talking to into asking more questions or setting up a meeting with you to learn more.  

Think of everyone you speak with as a potential client.  If your message is clear and easily understandable, even if the person you are speaking with has no need for what you do, they may be thinking, this would be perfect for Nicole.  I should tell her about this.

When you’re in sales, Everything and everyone is an opportunity, right?

If you don’t know what an elevator speech or elevator pitch is, …

For sales professionals, it’s a quick way to introduce yourself that you can use at networking events, while you are cold-calling, or even when you meet someone online at the grocery store.  The reason it’s called an elevator pitch is because it should be short enough to say between floors while you are on an elevator.

I have gotten better at getting the message that I want to share with someone for the No Fluff Sales Minute podcast, the little sister to this podcast.  It was a big challenge to create a valuable motivational message in just 60 seconds, and for me, it was a lesson in No Fluff.  

If you have seen my reels on instagram, that’s another example of no fluff.  Many of my reels are only 30-seconds long!  That’s crazy – to say something worth remembering in 30 seconds or less.  But that’s exactly what your elevator pitch needs to be.  Worthwhile and memorable.

When someone asks me about the podcast and the membership, this is what I say.  I help women get clarity, focus and confidence in their messaging and goal setting so they can consistently reach and exceed their monthly sales targets using my daily and weekly work-shop style podcasts and personalized group sales coaching.

That’s only 15 seconds, but it’s the foundation of my 30-second elevator pitch.  Another example of my elevator pitch would be the introduction to this podcast. It’s about 30 seconds long, and while I introduce myself and explain who I am, if you listen closely, it’s all about you.  What this podcast offers that you may find worth listening to.

I can take my foundation, and say it a million different ways, but the end result is that after you listen, you know who I am and how I can help you.

For the purpose of this podcast, I am going to assume that you already have an elevator pitch in place, even if you don’t know you have one.

Think about what you say when you are making prospecting calls and write it down.  Now whip out your phone and turn on your stopwatch, and time what you say.  Is it less than 30 seconds, or at the most 60 seconds?  That’s about how much time you have before you start to lose someone’s interest.  I prefer 30 seconds.

It’s your hook, in advertising lingo.  What can you say that leaves people wanting to learn more about you and what you do?  A persuasive conversation starter that piques the interest of the person you are talking to and leaves them wanting more.

Let’s talk about 4 tips for you to use when you are creating your sales hook.

1.  Be clear and concise.  

Like I said earlier, 30 seconds with very little fluff.  My mission statement, or hook foundation, did not happen on my first try.  In fact, it took me about 2 months, and 20 tries, and the help of a coach, to say exactly what I wanted to say.  Trust me, it’s an art that I did not have.  

This skill is also helpful as you are writing subject lines for emails!  The average open rate for emails is 12 to 25%.  You can google it yourself and see.  How does your average open rate compare?  My average open rate for the Sales Made Simple Podcast weekly emails that I send out is about 40%.  And some of my members open and read that email more than one time!

Last month I had an email for my day-job that had an open rate of 96%!  Definitely because of the subject line, the hook.  But the body of the email led me to two very nice sales.

It takes work, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t, and constant fine- tuning. Just like your elevator pitch.  And the better your 30-second sales hook, the more success you will have in sales.

2.  Grab their attention quickly.

And make it about them, not you.  Even though it may sound like it’s about you at first, really it’s about them.  To get the person you are talking to to ask questions.  Someone may ask me the name of my podcasts.  They may ask me what group coaching is.  

And I’m ready to answer them!  In fact, I usually ask them if they would like me to text them the link to the podcast.  And now I’m in their phone.  Do you have a link that you could quickly text to someone so that they could learn more about you?  And if it’s not for them, they may know somebody that it can help.

3.  Make it memorable.  

And nothing is more memorable than getting into their phone, right?  Now you have a personal relationship.  Yes, you have to be willing to give out your personal phone number, but I have found nothing that has improved my sales success better than quickly creating a personal relationship and sharing my cell phone number.

4.  Practice.  

Say it over and over again until it becomes a part of who you are, so you are ready when you have the opportunity to share.  That’s what being a sales rockstar is all about.  So that when the opportunity arises, you are ready to help someone, using all the skills and training you have to close the sale.

Or watch the YouTube Video here.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Where do you get your best, creative ideas?  I always seem to have the best ideas the minute I start my car – it figures.  The trick is to remember them, right?

Before I get started today on the 3 stages of sales success, I’d like to share a story with you.  This week I met the best salesperson ever … in the Dollar Tree of all places.  I spend a lot of time there at this time every year, because they have just the cutest holiday decorations, unique gift-wrapping ideas, and holiday cards.  All for only $1!

While I was there, checking out holiday things, I could hear a little girl one aisle over… Dad, which one do you like best, this one or that one.  She would take the winner and say, great, we’ll get this one.  Mom, which one do you like better  1,2 or 3?  Plop, the winner went in the cart.  When the answer wasn’t necessarily what her choice would have been, she asked them – why do you like this one better?   She was a 3-year old master of sales. If you have kids, you may have had the same conversation with them.

I am sure that child would never label herself as an icky salesperson. She was just helping someone, in this case her parents, to make the best decisions for their family.  Without being salesy.  

Do you look at your sales that way – as helping your prospect to make the best decisions for them?  Give your prospect something to think about, maybe ask them why they like one solution over another, and help them get what they want or need, maybe even before they actually understand that they really do need a solution to their problem they may not ever recognize!

Sales 101 in a nutshell – taught by a 3-year old.

Let’s get into the 3 Stages of Sales Success –

The first stage is when you first start out and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

You tend to take more risks and try new things.  For me, this was the I’m going to do everything I can to make this career work.  You are excited to start a new career, with all of the possibilities of being successful in front of you, and others can feel your excitement.  You talk about sales ALL the time, no matter who you are with or where you are, and you are always looking for ways to meet more people and grow.   You probably don’t have a whole lot of expenses, and when you begin to make the money, you start to dream about what you really want out of life.  A home, a new car, a family?  It’s an exciting time in your career.

The second stage comes after you have had some, or even a lot of success. 

You love what you have accomplished, and your paycheck. And you worry that if things change, you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.  While you are still willing to try new things, you weigh out the risk … whether it’s a monetary investment, or a change in your business  title.  Nothing good comes without risk.  And sometimes you decide to play it safe, and not take the risks, because you don’t want the risk. 

You choose to stay in your comfort zone. Using what you know and feel comfortable with rather than stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that risk to make more money, meet new people or do the things you really want to do.  Analysis paralysis.  You have more to lose and are willing to stay where you are rather than risking what you have.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can mean that you never reach your true potential.

And the third stage is when you slow down enough, look back at what you’ve accomplished, and realize that you are in a good place …

maybe even a great place.  You’ve put in the time, taken the risks, pushed through and survived the tough times.  It may be financial … That day you realize you can live the life you want, pay your bills and do the things you want to do, with little or no worry.  Financial independence.  Or it may be personal, when you look back and see your family is grown and successful and living their best lives.  When you reach this stage, you look back and you see everything that you’ve done over the years, the saving and planning and sacrifice, and you realize everything is going to be OK.

That’s what happened to me this year.  I don’t say that to brag, but to encourage.  And to let you know that all the work is so worth it.  You just have to keep pushing forward, even when you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere.  It’s almost like you just wake up one day and realize that you are finally where you’ve always hoped to be.

I’m finding that this stage is allowing me to make choices I may not have had available to me before…

You may also call this the stage of complacency,

because it’s easy to be complacent instead of setting new goals and working to reach them. Or, you can step out of your comfort zone and discover your potential to see just how high you can go.

Life is a series of choices – and learning about yourself.  What does living your best life mean to you?  In each stage of success, living your best life may mean something different, so it’s important to reevaluate your dreams and goals.

My choice has been to reevaluate. Continue to step out of my comfort zone. Set new goals that still align with who I am, and keep reaching to see what is possible.  

You deserve a life you love, and it’s within your reach.  Looking at every new day as a new adventure.  

Enjoy the journey and find joy in every step.  Yes, some days you have to look a little harder.  If you haven’t seen the movie Click with Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken, see if you can find a minute to watch it this week.  

There have been many times that I just wanted to click through difficult times and situations – to just get through it.  But there are important memories to make, people to positively impact, and lessons to learn in each stage of success, or life.

Take what you need, leave the rest, know that I am always rooting for you as you grow in your sales and in your purpose. I’m always happy to help you with the growth strategy if that is what you desire.

Thanks for being here with me today, and make sure to follow and tag me over on Instagram @salesmadesimplepodcast.  Tell me your ahas and takeaways from this episode, and share this episode with a friend to help them in their sales journey.