Why a “Human Touch” is Still Matters in Sales in 2022

Why a "Human Touch" is Still So Important in Sales in 2022

Something that I see a lot when working with women that sell is that we look at sales and selling as manipulation. 

I’ve been in many sales conversations where I walked out feeling as if I needed a shower, … and many of those times those clients canceled their orders.  If you are anything like me, you are a little less pushy. You take the time to learn about the client and what they want or need, and your role is just to guide them to make a decision and show them how to get what they want.

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that what you offer will make someone’s life better, easier, happier, read more

3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

These are three strategies that I use and my 5-Figure Paycheck Sales Membership clients use to not just meet but to exceed our sales goals.

Maybe you are feeling stuck at a certain income level, or even going backwards since the year has started.  I get you.  Our businesses are expecting more from us and it can be stressful and overwhelming.  So today I hope this gets you unstuck and moving forward so you can exceed your sales goal.

Or maybe you had a pretty good 2021 and you’re ready to take your sales even higher in 2022, this is definitely for you.

And for those of you who rocked 2021 and you’re looking for what’s next, this is an opportunity for you to think about these strategies from the perspective of your next revenue level, whatever that is.

So read more

How Salespeople Can Easily Sell New Price Increases With Confidence

How salespeople can confidently selling new price increases.

Whether you’ve been in sales for 3 months or 30 years, selling new price increases from your company is something we all go through.  And 2022 is seeing price increases like never before!

What do you do when your company announces a significant price increase? 

This happened to me this week, and I know it’s happening to a lot of you, because you tell me it is!  If it hasn’t happened in your company yet, don’t worry.  It’s coming.

My first thought was – this is crazy.  How am I ever going to sell this price increase?  But letting myself get carried away with the thought that I will lose customers was not serving me.

The best news?  It’s actually not that complicated read more

Here’s why Salespeople Really Hate Using CRM Software

Why Salespeople Hate Using CRM software

Is using my company’s CRM software really to help me, or does it just help my sales manager to keep track of me?  I found this infographic from Accent Technologies, Reasons Why Sales Reps Hate CRM

First I’ll share the reasons and then I’ll go back and talk about each reason. 

The number 1 reason sales reps hate CRM software is that it’s time consuming.  The average time spent entering notes from a sales call is 7.5 minutes.  

The number 2 reason sales reps hate CRM software is that it’s frustrating and hard to use.

The third reason sales reps hate CRM software is they say it’s passive and it doesn’t significantly impact sales revenue.

Another reason sales reps hate CRM software is it’s designed for sales management, with 55.8% of sales managers being measured on how well their team adopts CRM.

OK, that gives us enough to work with.  But I agree, a CRM or customer relationship management software is time consuming, it can be hard to use, and sales managers do watch you and how you use it.

But, even though it may be designed for sales management, when I was given a CRM tool to use, instead of just keeping read more

3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales and Focused During The Holidays

3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales and Focused During The Holidays

Are you finding it harder than ever this year to stay motivated in sales and focused on working. Or is it just me?  It seems harder to reach people, reach people on the phone, or get return phone calls or texts, too.  Why is this?

After a year of not spending the holidays and special times with my family and friends, this year I am enjoying holiday parties, holiday plays, and holiday planning in general.  There are more people on my nice list to buy presents for, including more angel tree wishes.  If you don’t know what an Angel Tree is, you adopt an angel, a child or even a family who might not have much of read more

Planning Your 2022 Sales Strategy

Planning Your Sales Strategy
How to set up your sales strategy and plan for success in 2022

When planning your sales strategy for 2022, it’s important to look back at 2021 to see how much you did accomplished this year!

This is something I like to do to finish out the year.  Take a look at my analytics to see what I did that worked, and what didn’t. As I begin to put together my plan for 2022 I look at what I can focus on to become even better.

So far I’ve published 56 episodes of the Sales Made Simple podcast.  That’s more than one a week!

I started the daily motivational podcast, The read more

How to Write An Elevator Pitch for Sales Professionals in 4 Easy Steps

Today we are going to talk about something I haven’t done in a while, but it’s probably time to update yours.  It’s something we tend to forget about, but as your sales skills and sales grow and you become more confident in your abilities, this is something you should update.

Can you guess what it is?  

How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Sales Professionals

Writing your 30-second introduction, or your elevator speech.  

When you meet someone for the first time, and you have the opportunity to briefly and quickly explain what you do, it’s easy to think that you should be explaining your value.  

But, the person you are speaking with, whether in-person or on the telephone, really doesn’t care about read more

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Thrive
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Where do you get your best, creative ideas?  I always seem to have the best ideas the minute I start my car – it figures.  The trick is to remember them, right?

Before I get started today on the 3 stages of sales success, I’d like to share a story with you.  This week I met the best salesperson ever … in the Dollar Tree of all places.  I spend a lot of time there at this time every year, because they have just the cutest holiday decorations, unique gift-wrapping ideas, and holiday cards.  All for only $1!

While I was there, checking out holiday things, I could hear a little girl read more