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Sales Follow Up is Where The Money Is

The Money Is In The Follow Up

How do you know when no means no in a sales’s situation? 

It’s so true. Sometimes when we get objections or a prospect says no, we get a little bit frustrated and flustered and we don’t know what to do next.

Start to look at objections as requests for further information,

because a lot of times when people are saying no, they’re really giving you an objection. They’re asking you for more information because they don’t understand something you said, they don’t know exactly what your offer is, they may not see how it’s going to help them.

That’s what it’s really all about…them. Isn’t it?

“Treat objections as a request for further read more

How To Qualify Prospects and Increase Sales

How to Qualify Prospects and Increase Your Sales

Have you ever been in a meeting with the client, only to find that someone else needs to be in on the buying decision? What are the odds of closing that sale today? 

What, if anything could you have done to make sure that all the decision-makers were at the meeting?

This is called “qualifying the prospect”,

and there are three main things that are important in the initial qualifying of the prospect. Some of this information you may be able to find out during your initial discovery call, and save both you and your prospect the time of either scheduling a meeting or not.

Now, I can already hear some of you disagreeing with me. “But if I don’t meet with read more

Non-Negotiables In Your Sales Presentations

Non-Negotiables in Your Sales Presentations

or Every Customer, Every Time

Non-negotiables – what you do for every customer, every time, and why that is so important in your sales process. To your success, and your sanity.

You may not even recognize that you already have your own non-negotiables that you use in your sales presentations, but you do. Think about that. Because once you recognize your non-negotiables, you will be able to keep your client presentation “fresh” every time, while making sure you always fit in those non-negotiables in your sales presentations.

Non-negotiables are the things I do or say every time with every client.

There are two reasons I do this. 

👉🏻 Number one is because I want to know my read more

How The Pomodoro Technique Will Help Boost Your Sales

The Pomodoro Technique.

You’re a salesperson, so … what the heck is the Pomodoro Technique, and why do you even want to know what it is? Okay, be a little patient with me, because you know I’m not into wasting your time. Trust me it’s good, and it will help you so much with your time management.

One of the biggest challenges I hear from my listeners every week is “How do I get in front of more people?”

The Pomodoro Theory

is actually a very old technique that many people have used to increase their productivity – in your case, setting more appointments. And people that set goals and activities actively monitor them are 30% more productive read more

Ask For The Sale – Closing Techniques in Sales

Why Salespeople Don’t Ask For The Sale.

When you are coming to the end of your sales presentation, do you remember to ask for the sale? Do you tell your prospects what the next step is to work with you? I know it sounds simple, but is an important step that many of us miss, or even intentionally avoid. You may be a reluctant salesperson.

In the early days of my sales career, when I was so intent on giving that perfect presentation that I often lost track of how my customer was feeling. I hear this from customers all the time. And I quote this directly from a conversation with a prospect. “He or she (the salesperson) was so intent on their presentation, that read more

How to Become a Sales Influencer in 7 Simple Steps

How to Become a Sales Influencer in 7 Simple Steps.

Sales is about influencing others to make a decision to buy what you are offering. This needs to be very intentional on your part. Set your intention and carry it through using this simple 7-step process.

But before we start, let’s look at my intention statement. The one I just stated for this blog post. I do that for almost every article. 

In my mind, I already know the outcome of each article. To teach you one technique or new skill every article. That’s my secret to staying on topic, not adding too much fluff (unless it’s intentional) and sharing that technique or skill with you in as simple and read more

Why You Should Consider a Sales Career

Why you should consider a Sales Career in 2020.

The number one podcast episode on the Sales Made Simple Podcast, even after 74 episodes is … the first one, about why you should consider a sales career. Much to my embarrassment. Because when you start a podcast, your first few are not your best.

And with my analytical mind, I have tried to figure out why the first episode has stayed number one, for so long.

It was the beginning of a relationship with my listeners. I have shared with them the foundations of my beliefs in how to get better in your sales, and consistently hit your sales and personal goals each month.

It’s also helped me in my own sales career! Sometimes read more

Why Buyers Buy

Perceived Value Or Why Buyers Buy

Have you ever heard of the term “neuromarketing”? From a salesperson’s point of view, it relates to how the human brain perceives value, or how and why buyers make buying decisions based on psychology.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you have probably figured out my fascination with the psychology of sales. Why people make the decisions they do, especially … why buyers buy.

95% of our thinking takes place in our subconscious minds. Our conscious thoughts analyze our behaviors.

Because your buyers are human, they make their decisions based on their subconscious thoughts, or their emotions, and they justify read more