When and How to Use the Take-Away Close

How and when to use a take-away close
How to Close the “Hold-Outs”

How did you end your last month, or should I say when did you end your last month? Did you give up too soon?

A couple of weeks ago I had to unexpectedly take a week off for a family emergency. When I came back last week, I didn’t think there was any way I could even hit my quota, let alone my personal monthly goal. But I pushed forward, contacting those prospects I hadn’t closed earlier in the month, or last month, and I finished in a pretty good place.

I focused heavily on phone calls, emails and texts typing and the take-away close.

Yes, a couple of prospects told me nicely they were not interested, but enough of them decided to get off the fence and make the decision to work with me, and I won the month.

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Overcoming Sales Objections

One thing I haven’t specifically dwelled on is overcoming sales objections. In fact, out of 142 of the podcast episodes I’ve published, only four episodes, if you include this one, are about sales objections. Because there are just so many of them, aren’t there?

Overcoming Sales Objection
Overcoming Sales Objections

Actually, there are not a whole lot of real sales objections.

Most are excuses, or stalls. A way to get you to stop trying to close a sale at that moment.

Why do prospects do this? Maybe they don’t want to hurt your feelings, or they’re embarrassed to share the real reason they don’t want to, or can’t buy from you. It’s easier to lie than to tell you the truth, and they just want you to go away.

Here are some of the top lies, or excuses, I have heard.

  • I need to think about it.
  • I have to run this by my spouse, partner, kids, lawyer, financial advisor…
  • I never buy at the first meeting, or
  • I need to clean up some other things, but I’ll be ready next week, month, or year.

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What’s the best cold call opening line?

What’s the first thing you say when you are making those cold calls to new prospects? Learn the best cold call opening line and why it works!

What's the Best Cold Call Opening Line?

The cold call “How Are You?” Debate …

I have tried asking, “how are you today?” Asking if they’re free or if they have a minute or if they’re busy or even “I hope your day is going well so far”.

If you’ve ever received a telemarketing call, or even a robo marketing call lately (they sound so real, don’t they?), you may have noticed that they just jump right into their pitch, without any niceties at all. Like if they talk quickly enough without giving you a chance to speak, that read more

Is Using a Sales Script Helpful?

Are Sales Scripts Helpful or Just a Waste of Time?

Is Using a Sales Script Helpful?
Is Using a Sales Script Helpful

The other day I got an email “why I don’t love sales scripts”, and it basically said that sales scripts take the human-to-human connection element out of sales.

So, my analytical brain immediately went into overdrive about why I think using a sales script is instrumental in a salesperson’s success, when used properly.

Meaning, you understand the how and why behind each script, and how and why you should incorporate prospecting into your daily activities, including time to research your prospects before you make that call.

It’s the same with closing techniques and scripts. You are probably already using some type of closing technique that is working for you, at least a little. But do you know why read more

Are You Coachable?

There are two types of Salespeople – those who are Coachable and those who are Uncoachable.

Are You a Coachable Saleswoman?

Which one are you?

First, let’s talk about coachable salespeople

This has nothing to do with how long you’ve been in sales, because getting better is not just about learning more stuff, it’s about finding a mentor that can help you grow and get better, no matter which phase you are in on the Sales Transformation Road-map.

Coachable people are always looking to get better and increase their sales production.

They’re open to feedback and willing to work on themselves. I will even go so far as to say they encourage feedback! And they evaluate what they could have done better and done differently when things don’t go as planned or expected.

Coachable salespeople have an incentive to change.

They have a strong, compelling why and high aspirations and goals that they want to achieve. read more

5 Ways to Maximize the Potential of Your Existing Sales Opportunities

If you haven’t already read Understanding Your Sales Manager, please make sure you take a few minutes to read that for valuable insights on how to improve your relationship with your sales manager. Today we were talking about 5 ways to take your existing opportunities and maximize your sales opportunities.

5 Ways To Maximize the Potential of Your Existing Sales Opportunities

1. The number of “sales touches” before you can close the sale is growing. 

Have you gotten better at creating relationships with your clients through email and text? Every one of them is a touch that brings you closer to a sale.

I find, especially with email, that it helps me to see if my prospect is interacting with me, or not. I can see if they open my email, how long after I send read more

How To Create a Better Relationship With Your Sales Manager

Is your company expecting more from you lately? Maybe they’ve raised your quota? Or expect you to have more activities or appointments in your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)? Do you feel like the micromanaging is out of control?

Create a Better Relationship With Your Sales Manager

Something that I have found helpful, as more and more sales managers manage more and more through CRM,  is to make sure you are communicating with your sales manager other than through your CRM.  Even if you don’t always feel like they’re actually listening to you. 

Is there a prospect you are having a difficult time closing? Is there an important sales read more