How To Make Your Sales CRM Work For You

Let’s be honest with each other here. There are two types of salespeople: those that feel that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is a way for your company to keep track of what you’re doing – am I right?

And there are those of us that understand that while the first answer may be true, you can adopt the mindset of “I’m going to take this and use it and make it work for me”.

Just like we all know ,if we go out in public, we are probably on camera, but we go out anyway, and know we may have an extra protection that comes with security monitoring public areas — that’s read more

How to Be Successful in Sales in 2021

Going into a new year and being successful in sales in 2021 means re-evaluating our sales from last year- what worked this year, what didn’t, and put a plan in place for 2021.

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When you are evaluating your sales and your actions, ask yourself these two questions:

1. did this action bring in results this year? and 

2. if not, then did you really give it a fair chance and put an effort into making it work or did you just make it a haphazard effort?

We all love the things that give us immediate results, but it’s not always possible. read more

Creative Ways to Find Sales Prospects

One of the biggest challenges in sales that I know —  whether your direct sales, online sales, or business-to-business, is … how do I find sales prospects and get in front of more people? And my answer is – find an online outlet where you can share what you do with more people than you ever thought possible.

Social media has helped immensely me to find sales prospects.

And I started off with nothing, with a “side-hustle” podcast and a dream of online course creation.

Whether it’s a blog, or a podcast, or on social media site like Facebook or Instagram live videos- meet your sales prospects where they are hanging out so you can let people know what you do.

The larger real estate companies provide you with your own website, where agents can post valuable information about their communities and available listings.

If you own your own business, you can do the same thing to find sales prospects. You can use Pinterest pins to drive traffic to your website, your blog or your podcast.

Pinterest, if you don’t know, it’s a search engine like Google.

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How To Set Realistic Sales Goals

Setting Realistic and Achievable Sales Goals

How are you all doing with this new 2021 way of selling? My face-to-face meetings have started back up again, socially distanced, with masks. Virtual/remote selling and email prospecting has truly saved me. 

Are you finding that it can be very difficult to concentrate sometimes? It will help a lot if you take some time at the beginning of each week to write down your weekly goals, and some time at the end of each day to write out your plan for the next day. In both cases, it’s something you can look at quickly to get back on track when you lose your focus.

I’ve always written these things down, and I use read more

How to Become a Top Sales Performer

The best way to help you become a top sales performer is to start from the beginning.

So let’s see where you are in the process.

The Visualizer – Stage One of the Sales Transformation Road-map.

As you probably know by now, I’ve created the Sales Transformation Road-map to help you see where you are now — what stage you’re in on your sales journey, and to guide you on what you can do to push on and get to the next stage, or level, and become a top sales performer.

This article focuses on stage 1 – The Visualizer, because if you’re anything like me, we’ve all felt a bit like we’re back in stage one again this year, at times.

I’ve had to rethink a lot of my “sales structures” this year, relearn a new way of doing things read more

How To Handle Objections in Sales Pro-Actively

How to Pro-Actively Handle Sales Objections

Many of us see sales objections as a sign of rejection or even the start of negotiations. If you have this mindset, just waiting every time for the battle to begin, you will battle – every time. Because it’s what you expect and you’re waiting for it to happen, and you’ll probably end up lowering your prices.

But, what would happen if you started your presentation with the mindset that objections from your customers are really just questions that you haven’t answered yet?

And what if you started handling sales objections pro-actively, right from the start, before your prospect even had a chance to bring them up?

How to Handle Sales Objections

Part of what should be in your sale toolbox should be the top objections that you and other salespeople in your industry get. 

These read more

How To Quickly Kill A Sale In 2021

Sales Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

It’s easy to quickly kill a sale especially in 2021 when the world is a bit more confusing already.

Some of these things are mistakes I’ve made, even with being in sales for a long time. Because we are forced to do things differently to stay relevant and keep selling. There are times I make a mistake, or do or say something I wish I could take back, but it’s too late and now I’m in damage control. 

And I’m going to talk about the mistakes I see myself and other salespeople  making in 2021 – so you have the most up-to-date information. 

How to Quickly Kill a Sale
How to Kill a Sale

Mistake number 1 – not being prepared for the sale.

I think the biggest mistake is to not have read more