Why People Buy

Perceived Value Or Why Prospects Buy

Have you ever heard of the term “neuromarketing”? From a salesperson’s point of view, it relates to how the human brain perceives value, or how and why buyers make buying decisions based on psychology.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you have probably figured out my fascination with the psychology of sales. Why people make the decisions they do, especially … why people buy.

95% of our thinking takes place in our subconscious minds. Our conscious thoughts analyze our behaviors.

Because your buyers are human, they make their decisions based on their subconscious thoughts, or their read more

Loose Your Ego to Gain The Sale

Loose Your Ego to Gain The Sale

When I was putting together the top 10 things Every Salesperson should know, in my opinion, a few weeks ago, I came across a very important thing that I know I have been guilty of. I see this with almost every salesperson at one time or another.

Loose your ego.

OK, I can hear screams of “I don’t do that”. But, it doesn’t just mean that you are an obnoxious, salesy salesperson and you need to calm down a bit .

Allow me to compare it to a 22-year-old that is trying so hard to make it on their own that they don’t want to ask anyone else for help. Maybe because they’re embarrassed or maybe because they just read more

How To Use The 80-20 Rule In Your Sales Strategy

The 80 – 20 Rule and Your Sales Strategy

I found some interesting statistics from about how salespeople spend their time, from getmoredone.com. While I wasn’t surprised by this, I was disappointed to find that we as salespeople actually spend so little time selling because of all the other time-suckers we get caught up in.

How Salespeople Spend Their Time
How Salespeople Spend Their Time

Please allow me summarize for you what they said, and explain how it relates to your sales strategy and sales growth.

As salespeople, we spend 13% of our time on traveling and training. 22% of our time on meetings and admin. 22% on post sales tasks and account management. 10% for planning. And 22% of actual selling time – either read more

Sales Motivation – Tips to Stay Motivated When Your Just Not Feeling It

How to Stay Motivated In Your Sales
Sales Motivation

Staying Motivated In Sales

How do you stay motivated, excited, inspired, focused, creative, driven? What makes you jump out of bed every morning without even using an alarm? What keeps you up late at night because you’re so excited about tomorrow?

This energy and excitement gives you sales motivation. It’s the difference between being average and being exceptional.

Here are some tips for sales motivation, even when you don’t feel like selling.

Focus on doing better than what is necessary.

Are you happy with just reaching your quota? Or are you working to reach your bonus, or even your own larger personal goal? Make your own lane.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

When you set your own goals, it will keep you read more

Silence Is Your New BFF In Sales

Silence Is Your New BFF To Helping You Close a Sale…

Are you afraid of those seemingly forever, awkward silences that happen when you’re speaking with a potential client? That silence is actually very healthy and should be a part of your sales strategy. Well, meet your new BFF to help you close a sale!

“Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.”

Leonardo DaVinci

How to use awkward silences in your sales
How to use awkward silences in your sales

There are three different types of silence to help close your sales that incredibly powerful, and you can use them every day. They’re really simple to use, but you do have to practice them and learn how to stop talking … really.  

The first type sales tool silence is listening.

I am a talker, if you haven’t noticed. However, read more

What Does Selling With Intention Mean?

Are you selling with intention?

As a salesperson, our main goal, and our job, is to sell. Most of us work on commission, and don’t get paid unless we sell!

So why do we allow ourselves to get sucked up into so many other things?

Time suckers, I called them. Why not start off the day planning on selling with intention?

Selling with intention.  When you have a specific out in mind and a plan to get there, you will close sales faster and easier.
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I recently read an article by Brian Tracy. He has a theory called his Minutes Theory and it goes like this:

100% of our sales and income are generated by the number of minutes that you spend face-to-face with prospects and customers. If you want to increase the number of sales or the amount of money you make, you must increase the number of minutes read more

The Top Ten Sales Skills Every Salesperson Should Know

The Top Ten Things That Every Salesperson Should Know
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The Top Sales Skills Every Salesperson Should Know, IMO

I’ve never done a top 10 list of sales skills before, so I thought it might be kind of interesting to put a list together for you. I actually came up with 25 of the top sales skills that every salesperson should know, IMO.

You can write down your list of the top 10 things that you think every salesperson should know, compare it with mine, and let me know in the comments below if you feel I missed any!

I’ve also included a link to each of the Sales Made Simple Podcast episodes that go with the skill, if you would like to learn more about each skill.

To get the complete list of the twenty-five sales skills every read more

Why Understanding The Forgetting Curve Is Important In Sales

What is the Forgetting Curve and how understanding can help your prospects retain more information

The Forgetting Curve Theory

Do you ever let your customers try to do your job for you?

How long have you been doing your job? You have probably have been there for at least 6 months. Getting product training, learning how to write a contract, learning all about your company, right?

Some of you may even have years of experience with the same company… You could probably even teach the company training program.

Yet, when you meet with a prospect, and they are not the actual decision-maker, you go on to share with that person all of the benefits of your products and services, and how it can help their company.

You may even spend 30 to 40 minutes read more