6 Steps to Writing Effective Sales Emails

Have you been using email more than ever lately? Are they working for you? Today I’m going to share with you the six steps to writing effective sales prospecting emails that will get opened at a higher rate than what you are probably seeing now.

How to write really great sales emails
How to write effective sales emails

Why is this important? For one, if you’ve been following me lately, I’ve been saying to contact everyone in your lead bank, anyone that has ever done business with you or your company.

And if you’re like me, I’m ready for some new opportunities.

Are you looking for more sales opportunities?

Opportunities to serve your clients and customers and opportunities to meet new people? Lately, I have read more

Do You Really Understand the Know, Like, Trust Factor

We all know the know, like and trust factor. But do you understand the know, like and trust factor? Do you know the tiny important phrase that so many people leave off ? – “all things being equal”.  The actual quote from Bob Burg is “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.”

Understanding the Know, Like and Trust Factor In Sales

And, I have some concerns over the way people use, or overuse, or even mis-use the know, like and trust factor, without taking all being equal into account.  Because all things are NOT equal – especially in 2020, right?

Everything is different.

Today I’m going to share with you why read more

Value Selling vs. Benefit Selling – Is there a Difference?

Value selling vs. benefit selling – is there a difference between value selling and benefit selling, or are they the same thing?  Someone asked me that last week, and I thought it would make a great topic to share with you.

Value Selling vs. Benefit Selling

Value selling.

Many sales people think it is giving someone the most they can give a customer – more services, or benefits, more products … for the least amount of money. 

Actually, it’s showing your prospect the impact your products or services will have for them or their business, compared to how much it will cost them. Even going so far as to showing them how much it can cost them to read more

How To Close Your Sales With Confidence

How to close your sales with confidence

Confidence and closing go hand-in-hand.

While it is possible to close without confidence, confident people close more often. Confident people expect to close, so they do. Unconfident people aren’t so sure. Learn how to close your sales with confidence.

Are you confident in your abilities? I have found that I am more confident when I am comfortable, or when I am in my comfort zone. When you are not closing, you may start to doubt your abilities and close less.

Are you afraid of success? Could that be what’s holding you back?

When I am at my peak, selling everyday like crazy, it’s not any more work than when I’m not selling and spending my read more

Why A Confused Mind Never Buys

Have you ever heard the phrase “a confused mind never buys” before? Let me explain it, by sharing a story with you about the Jam Study of 2000

Yes, It’s a real thing.

People were offered 6 types of delicious jam, and after they tried the jam, they picked what they wanted and bought it.  Sale made!

BUT, when they changed up the study a bit, gave the testers 24 types of equally delicious Jam, they were 90% less likely to make a decision! 

I get this, because there is a flea market near me that has a pickle place. And the pickle place has 100 different types of pickles.

Have you ever heard the phrase “a confused mind never buys” before? Let me explain it, by sharing a story with you about the Jam Study of 2000.

I was thrilled, and I knew read more