How To Close Your Sales With Confidence

How to close your sales with confidence

Confidence and closing go hand-in-hand.

While it is possible to close without confidence, confident people close more often. Confident people expect to close, so they do. Unconfident people aren’t so sure. Learn how to close your sales with confidence.

Are you confident in your abilities? I have found that I am more confident when I am comfortable, or when I am in my comfort zone. When you are not closing, you may start to doubt your abilities and close less.

Are you afraid of success? Could that be what’s holding you back?

When I am at my peak, selling everyday like crazy, it’s not any more work than when I’m not selling and spending my time prospecting all day long. And selling is a lot more fun than prospecting, don’t you agree?

Projecting confidence with your sales prospects

We all know you have to believe in what you are selling. But is that enough? In my opinion, no. What you were selling has to light you up. For example, I love my iPhone. In fact, I love all things, or almost all things Apple. Do I want to sell phones or computers? – no, I don’t.

Find something you believe in, and that lights you up. Because when it lights you up, you will happily work 24 hours a day, and it won’t feel like work.

Another part of it for me, and many other sales people I talk to, is learning. If I feel like I am learning and growing, I’m happy. If I feel like I’m not learning, I feel stagnant and bored.

 On that positive note, let’s move into closing techniques.

Close your sales with confidence.

You have to be comfortable and confident asking for money, no matter what you were selling. Close your sales with confidence means being able to create urgency and being comfortable asking for the money.

When you really believe in what you’re selling, or offering, and you believe it will make a difference in your prospects’ lives, then it is your duty to share that with them. Whether it is something they need or want. 

Will it make their life better? Will it give them physical or mental peace or happiness?Remember it’s how you make them feel. If they feel good about what they are doing with you, they will buy what you are offering.

To quote Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

How to close sales with confidence

Creating urgency.

Do they want to feel good now? Don’t we all? If they bought your product or service today, would they feel better about themselves or their situation?

In this world of immediate gratification, it amazes me how many people put stuff off. Like making a decision about buying something that would make their lives easier. Like a bigger, or smaller house, a gym membership, or a reliable car. 

Where are they in the buying process?

Find out what do they want to do or what are they are looking to accomplish. Then help them find the best way to close that gap. 

Just because they know they have a problem, does not mean that they want to close the gap. There has to be a need, a want, and a trust that you can help solve their problem and help make their “pain” go away. 

If all three of these things are not in place, you will not get the sale. They may have a need and know that you could help them, but they don’t want help. Or they have need and want, but no belief in your offering. If it’s the latter, you stand a chance. Because, through conversation you can find out why they feel that you can’t help them. What is missing that you aren’t giving them?

You have to be confident to ask the difficult questions.

This, my friends, is where your confidence comes in. Ask for the sale more than once, in different ways. Not by pounding the sale out of them, but finding where the disconnect is. 

Sometimes it can be so simple, like they didn’t understand how your product or service would work for them. Just by asking “What are you looking for that you don’t feel my product or service can’t do?” Direct questions. Maybe they are right, and your product or service is not for them. 

And maybe they missed something you said. One simple question, but you have to ask.

If you ask that question, and nothing is missing, you can ask, “Why would you not do this today?“ or, “What is stopping you from doing this today?”

Most of the time, if you have gotten this far but they still won’t buy, it is because they are afraid they are going to make the wrong decision. Or that they will make a mistake. Do you like making mistakes? I don’t. And neither do your customers. At this point, can you offer them a money-back guarantee that might make them feel more comfortable?

Next is money.

When I ask for money, I write down the dollar amount, and I put it in front of them. Then I don’t talk. It’s even better if I can show them two numbers. Place both numbers in front of them, and watch their eyes. Again, don’t speak. Which number are they more drawn to? Before they even speak, you will know their answer. Because their eyes will linger longer on the number that is most appealing to them.

Let them speak first. If you find they are avoiding both numbers, they fidget and can’t look at either number, then they don’t like what you are showing them. If this is the case, and you’ve been quiet, you now have my permission to speak up and say, “Would you like to see payment options?” because they may not know that you can offer that. Don’t assume anything, because something that seems so obvious to you, may not be so obvious to them. 

If they say no, ask another question. Assume the sale and let them know your payment options. Just take a deep breathe and say, “Would you like to pay that with a check or a credit card?”. If they stop you, you can ask them what is stopping them.  Ask for the sale boldly and unapologetically and close your sales with confidence.

If they have been honest with you with their answers to your questions, and they still aren’t buying, it’s a pricing problem, and you haven’t established the value of your product or service. Go back and find out what you missed. Again, you need to create the confidence to ask the tough questions

Remember, be the guide to help them get what they desire, and you will be able to close your sales with confidence.

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