3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

3 Strategies to Exceed Your Sales Goal in 2022

These are three strategies that I use and my 5-Figure Paycheck Sales Membership clients use to not just meet but to exceed our sales goals.

Maybe you are feeling stuck at a certain income level, or even going backwards since the year has started.  I get you.  Our businesses are expecting more from us and it can be stressful and overwhelming.  So today I hope this gets you unstuck and moving forward so you can exceed your sales goal.

Or maybe you had a pretty good 2021 and you’re ready to take your sales even higher in 2022, this is definitely for you.

And for those of you who rocked 2021 and you’re looking for what’s next, this is an opportunity for you to think about these strategies from the perspective of your next revenue level, whatever that is.

So if you’ve been an 80,000 and you want to get to 100,000, I hope you take these strategies and think about how they can work for you to get there quickly.

Are you excited?  This sounds so simple.  But one thing I think we do as saleswomen is to overcomplicate things, and sales doesn’t need to be complicated!  So let’s find the power of the simplicity of these three strategies to help you exceed your sales goal.

Strategy #1Get crystal clear on what you want, and break your goals down so that you know exactly how many new clients you need to reach your goal.

It sounds so simple but I find that so many of us miss this point, and it’s something we go over in Phase 2 of the 5-Figure Paycheck Membership.

Breaking your large goals down into ridiculously small steps, and creating your perfect sales plan.

What this does is it makes you look at all of the pieces for what’s important for your growth.

My members have told me how this one step has given them so much clarity in how to break their goals down into the smallest, easily achievable denominators and given them direction in what to do immediately to change their direction, and their mindset, of what is possible for them.

Some of the exercises we do in the membership are painful, because they force you to see what you’re doing now that isn’t working, or could work better.  But through this “pain” and stepping out of your comfort zone comes growth.  And they see there is an easier way to get there than they thought.

So getting crystal clear on what you want is your first strategy …

Because if you don’t know what you want, how can you know how to get there?  You need a plan, or a roadmap.

Strategy #2  Write it down.

There is so much power in the written word.  In fact, according to an INC article by Peter Economy, there was a Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, who conducted a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  Writing your goals down not only forces you to get clear on what, exactly, it is that you want to accomplish, but doing so plays a part in motivating you to complete the tasks necessary for your success. I’ll leave a link to that article in the show notes.

Strategy #3  Ask yourself what you believe about what you’ve written down.

It’s easy to write it down, but … as you work through the steps, the doubt starts to creep in.  The doubt can be triggered by anything – something you see on TV, something you read about the economy and what is going on in the world.  Or maybe even a who – a friend or coworker that you share your goals with, and they bring in their doubts about increasing your sales in a crazy economy no matter what you do.  

And you start to get back into your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts about scarcity and is it possible for you, and you go back to your old ways that weren’t working.  Why?  Because even though they weren’t working well, they are comfortable and easy.

But when you believe what you’ve written down, and you’ve written down why you believe it, when that doubt creeps in, and trust me, it will, you can go back to what you’ve written down and why you know it will work for you, and you choose to keep believing in your new reality, you will be able to push that doubt out of your head and keep moving forward and exceed your sales goal.

Or as Peter Economy writes, quoting Grant Cardone, if you want to start “stretching yourself beyond good and mediocre and average and the way everybody else thinks,” then project into your future. Just make sure you grab a pen first.

“stretching yourself beyond good and mediocre and average and the way everybody else thinks”

-Grant Cardone

So once you’ve done this work, and written it down, make a decision and a commitment to yourself that you are all in and you’re not going to stop until you exceed your sales goal.

Yes, things will happen that will make you want to go back to your old ways – doubt and fear will creep in, if you allow it in.  Create your own bubble about exactly what you want your new life to look like, and don’t let anything stop you.

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