How To Make Your Sales CRM Work For You


Let’s be honest with each other here. There are two types of salespeople: those that feel that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is a way for your company to keep track of what you’re doing – am I right?

And there are those of us that understand that while the first answer may be true, you can adopt the mindset of “I’m going to take this and use it and make it work for me”.

Just like we all know ,if we go out in public, we are probably on camera, but we go out anyway, and know we may have an extra protection that comes with security monitoring public areas — that’s a bit awkward! But it’s true.

When you enter information into your Sales CRM properly

(and daily), and keep up with it, daily – you will gain so much Insight from that information.

For one, I always have a list of prospects (people who have not bought for me yet) to call or email or follow up with.

How great would it be to never have to wonder who to call, because your Sales CRM, that you set up properly, will show you that!

The second biggest benefit I have found, I am all over.

Because I am a big believer in getting off of the sales roller coaster and learning how to predict your sales and your income, every month.

As commissioned or bonus-based sales people, it can be hard knowing what your paycheck will be from month to month. With the sales CRM, there’s a report that predicts your sales for you!

I work diligently to keep up with that, and can predict my monthly sales and income within 20%.

That Sales CRM report is also another great place for you to see who you can focus on this month!

I talk about this a lot and go into more detail in the Sales Transformation Roadmap and Program, especially for those of you that are in stages 2 and 3.

For me, and hopefully for you, if you adopt the mindset of how can I make this work for me? The benefit is great.

I was once a non-believer, but who has time and energy to keep track of that yourself?

When you use your Sales CRM properly, you should see a jump in sales of at least 20%

— just by spending the time daily (about 30 minutes), to keep up with it.

I think your “input” and follow-up time will be even less, but I am on Salesforce all day long. Because I use it as a personal assistant. It reminds me about what I need to do and who I need to contact all day long.

A Sales CRM also improves your prospect’s and client’s experiences with you

because you have a great way to remember everything you have ever talked about with them, including proposals, when you spoke with them last, how many kids they have and what they are ultimately wanting to accomplish.

I’ve shared this quote from the late, Wayne Dyer with you before, because it is such a foundational quote for your sales success.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

What do you do with all of those things that you know would help you grow your business, but…

where do you put that information?  

There’s also room for that in your Sales CRM!  There are still some things I like to write down on paper.  Mostly planning and ideas.

So, I have two legal pads — and I have a hard copy planner to keep track of my monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.  And a quarterly sales planner. You can get 15% off the one I use by clicking here.There’s something about putting a pen to paper that makes things happen faster.

Anyway, one of the legal pads one is for things I want to implement right away. And the other is for all those great ideas that I just can’t get to right now. Obviously that pad has more stuff in it. Every so often I’ll look through it, take a couple of all the better ideas, and move them over to the “work on now” pad.

I find it’s a great way to write down all the ideas I have so I don’t lose them. It’s kind of like when you have a really good dream and you don’t want to forget it so you write it all down.

Usually when I read it again a few days later it makes no sense at all, and my legal pad of good ideas can be the same way.

So,  I will occasionally go through it and prioritize my “great ideas” list, too.

One, two, three with one being the best.

I do the same thing when I’m planning my sales CRM for the month –

Number one would be the top prospects I am sure will close with me this month

Number two are the prospects that have potential but may need a little more time or work,

And number three are those people I keep in touch with occasionally

with a call or an e-mail, because you never know when they will have a trigger event in their life and they will need you.

Over time you will have developed a relationship with them. They trust you, they just aren’t ready to spend money with you yet.

Sadly, when they are in need of your services, it’s usually when something has gone so bad for them that they are ready to make a change. 

I tell people – when the pain of staying where you are is greater than the pain of moving on, you will move on. I don’t know who said that. Probably Wayne Dyer. I think Tony Robbins gets the credit for it, but I’ve been saying it for about 12 years now. 

Think about it. And my number 3 category prospects are those people. The ones that you know need you… Someday.

Most of my time I spend with my number ones, not because they’re easier to work with, but because they are the closest in the buying decision. They almost always start a two or even at three, and they have moved through the process of making the decision.

I am just their expert guide – answering their questions,  … asking questions to encourage them to think.

When I know I already have ten good, qualified prospects going into a new month, it takes the pressure off the money side of things and allows me to just work with them to help find the right solution for them. The money always comes when I look at my prospects as individuals making important decisions.

This prioritizing and setting up your month is where your Sales CRM comes in.

This week, take some time to go through those old prospects that you haven’t looked at in a while. Call them just to say “Happy Holidays”. Usually the last two weeks of the year can be a little quiet. I will be working and taking that quiet time to do the things I don’t normally have time to do – like reaching out to people I haven’t talked to her heard from you in a while. 

You will probably have some people that say, “I was just thinking about you”, or “I’ve been meaning to give you a call”. Do it, and tell me if I’m wrong.

Sales is a systematic process of moving people through a systematic process.

Sales is what you do in a behind-the-scenes process to meet people to put them into a process. And you control all of it.

It’s what the Sales Transformation Roadmap is all about. Helping you with the process of what to do step-by-step, to find prospects, connect with prospects, understand those prospects and their needs, and show them how to go from where they are now to where they want to be. 

Almost any good sales book will tell you that. It’s the implementation that falls short. The how to do it, efficiently and effectively, month after month, until you’re so good at it that it’s like a second nature to you. 

Like driving to work in the morning or home at night. You probably don’t even think about where you turn, or where you stop or even how fast you drive depending on what road you want you’re on. You just do it

Sometimes you may get to work and not even remember anything about the drive, because you were so good at it.

And that’s what I want sales to be like for you, too. Where you know exactly what you need to do, and you have the journey or process you’re going to guide your prospects through in place, and you know that it works.

A proven system for finding clients and a proven system for leading them through a sales process.

Because when you have those processes in place, you will be able to focus on the person, the relationship, and what for then. It’s a great place to be, my friends.

A place of confident interaction where you will get up every morning with something to look forward to, and you will go home every night knowing that you have served your prospects well and made enough money to guarantee a good paycheck for your next pay period. 

It’s a good feeling. 

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