What Does Selling With Intention Mean?

Are you selling with intention?

As a salesperson, our main goal, and our job, is to sell. Most of us work on commission, and don’t get paid unless we sell!

So why do we allow ourselves to get sucked up into so many other things?

Time suckers, I called them. Why not start off the day planning on selling with intention?

Selling with intention.  When you have a specific out in mind and a plan to get there, you will close sales faster and easier.
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I recently read an article by Brian Tracy. He has a theory called his Minutes Theory and it goes like this:

100% of our sales and income are generated by the number of minutes that you spend face-to-face with prospects and customers. If you want to increase the number of sales or the amount of money you make, you must increase the number of minutes that you spend in actual selling activity, face – to – face with prospects who can and will buy from you.

Brian Tracy

So if you double the number of minutes that you spend with customers, you will double your income. Even if you do not improve in any other area of your sales.

That is powerful. To double your income, the only thing we have to do is double our face-to-face time with our prospects!

Sell with intention, and the goal of spending twice as much face-to-face time as you are now.

Can you visualize yourself spending that extra face-to-face time with a prospect, either in an actual or a virtual setting?

It is so easy to get pulled in 10 different directions, getting caught up in all kinds of drama that takes you away from this face-to-face prospect time.

So instead of focusing on the stuff, stop…

Focus on what you want more of.

How would your day look if you spent more time with prospects? How would it make you feel to double your income?

For example, let’s say you normally spend 3 hours a day with prospects that want, need and have the means to buy what you are offering. Now visualize that time with prospects at 6 hours a day. Not meeting people for customer service things, or admin things, but prospects…that need and want what you were offering.

Do you have that picture in your head? How many appointments a day would that mean for you?

Of course, the other situations would still be there, but you need to learn to move them on quickly or give them to someone better equipped to fix the problems fast. And go back to your job, face to face time with prospects.

Let’s get back to the visualization of what your day will now look like. Your new normal of selling with intention.

Visualize the outcome of each face-to-face meeting ending in a sale with a signed contract.

Visualize your prospects signing the contract, and handing you their credit card. Be intentional about what you want to happen.

I have so many limiting beliefs in my head that I have been told over the years.

For example, have three appointments a day, one won’t show, one will buy, and the other will.

It’s almost gotten where I am to the point where I accept that one out of every two people will not buy, and that “truth” has become acceptable to me.

I’ve also heard this, and maybe you have, too. Every sales meeting with the prospect should either move you closer to a sale or be a sale. So in my mind, I have this limiting belief that just moving closer to a sale is okay. I’m not saying that some sales won’t take time, but what if you visualize and expected every sale to close – right there, that day?

What if I visualized only one option for the sale? That every prospect and sales presentation would turn into a sale, the first time I met them.

You may not all agree with me, and that’s fine. But sometimes, in order to get things to change, you have to look at them in a different way.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

How would the way you sell change if you visualize the sale before you even had the appointment?

I tend to visualize future events, but what if I visualize the sale now, today.

Instead of just sharing features and benefits of my product or service is, I would share my passion in my belief about what I am selling,

and help my potential client to feel the passion and excitement. What if you create a raised energy level and engagement level with each prospect?

Play to win, be intentional and what you expect , and stop chasing when there is no want, or need, or money.

Be intentional with your words and energy in creating a customer experience that engages and excites them.
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Be intentional with who you set appointments with. Be intentional in your visualization of your expectations of the meeting. Be intentional with your words and energy in creating a customer experience that engages and excites them.

No matter what you’re selling, be sure you sell with intention.

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