How To Set Realistic Sales Goals


Setting Realistic and Achievable Sales Goals

How are you all doing with this new 2021 way of selling? My face-to-face meetings have started back up again, socially distanced, with masks. Virtual/remote selling and email prospecting has truly saved me. 

Are you finding that it can be very difficult to concentrate sometimes? It will help a lot if you take some time at the beginning of each week to write down your weekly goals, and some time at the end of each day to write out your plan for the next day. In both cases, it’s something you can look at quickly to get back on track when you lose your focus.

I’ve always written these things down, and I use this weekly and daily planning system to keep me on track. Taking my monthly goal, breaking it down into weekly goals, and then daily steps to accomplish and reach my goals. And I would always focus on the three most important things that I needed to do every day.

Here is a link to the quarterly sales planner I am using to keep track and focus on those goals. You can get 15% off by clicking here.

Try focusing on just the top two sales goals.

What??? She just said three one sentence ago!

Even though some people don’t like to talk about it, I think it’s important to recognize that we need to care for ourselves mentally as well as physically. If you’re anything like me, lately I’ve had days where I have lots of energy and motivation, and other days… not so much. And I never know what kind of day it will be, so I try to accommodate this understanding of how my brain is currently working by taking advantage of the best days. Planning accordingly, so that you can try to keep things more level instead of that roller coaster we as sales women know so well.

When you become more consistent in your sales each week, it stops that up and down, high weeks and low weeks roller-coaster, and helps you figure out how much money you will have each month.

Another thing I am doing is allowing for extra time to get things done,

whether it’s prospecting, preparing for a meeting, or the actual meeting with the prospect – everything, to me, seems to be taking a bit more time. 

While my goals of how many appointments I need to set each week (weekly goal number 1) hasn’t changed, I allow two and a half hours to 3 between appointments instead of two and half to 3. Between new technology and keeping lines of communication very clear, that’s what I am finding.

What would your top two things be each week?

As I said before, my number one goal is the number of appointments I want, and need, to have each week. 

My number two goal can change, depending on where I currently stand and how many appointments I have set up.

If my appointment level is low, then my second goal is prospecting. How many people I need to call, email, or text to set more appointments.

In some cases, I’ve also been putting a free Calendly link in my email tagline, so the people can click a link and set appointments with me. Or you can text your prospect a Calendly link in a quick text – like one sentence, saying “I know we’ve been trying to get together. Here’s a link to my calendar so you can pick a time and a way that works best for you. Just click here.” 

Then I send the link. Mine even comes up with a picture of me to make it more personal. They can pick either a virtual appointment or an in-person meeting.

An email or a phone call, followed up by a text is the best way I have found for setting sales appointments in 2020. 

The Calendly link works, which is very exciting!  The principle is the same as a dentist or doctor reminding you about an appointment. 

I have also found the hold ratio on appointments set this way to be 80% or higher!

You can also set up your link to include a cancellation policy that shows on the Calendly link when they set an appointment, and they can choose if they would like a text or email reminder.

After we went into “pandemic mode”, I found it my hold rates were quite a bit lower than normal. So increasing my hold rate was a welcomed feature.  The more appointments that hold, the fewer appointments you will need to set, right? Because when your hold rates are lower, it just means you have to set more appointments to hit your goal.

Which leads me to my last tip — be flexible and allow for change.

Things change so quickly lately, don’t they? What I mean by this is to keep a positive attitude when things change. This could be by being prepared to hop immediately on a virtual call with someone that you’re on the phone with, not giving up when someone needs to reschedule, or if you are just being ignored. 

That’s how I started the Calendly appointment booking system. Rather than getting frustrated, I looked for a solution. Because there’s always a solution if you look for it hard enough.

Let’s review the four tips for setting realistic sales goals for yourself. 

Write your sales goals and plans down. 

It helps you to remember and have something to quickly refer back to you when you get off track. 

● Pick your top two sales goals for the week. 

Three if you feel you can handle  more. But with two, you are still moving forward every day.

I know that sounds so strange, but I’ve lowered it two to be kinder to myself. I may have more than two goals, or tasks on the list, and if I can do more – great. But the top two are my non-negotiables that my day is centered around.

● Allow a little more time than you need to get stuff done, and

● Number four: allow for flexibility while maintaining a positive attitude.  

That’s four tips to get your top two goals accomplished this week. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

There’s also a link here for my updated Sales Transformation Road-map Know Your Sales Numbers worksheet, so you can see the important numbers to focus on in your sales and how they work with figuring out your sales goals and getting off of that sales roller-coaster!

Know Your Sales Numbers

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